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In this page you will find some useful links to all the necessary information about services, marvellous Sardinian food and exquisite wine cultural events, sport and music events amongest the other. We hope you’ll enjoy it and find interesting to organize your next trip to beautiful Sardinia

Sardinian Wineries

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Cantine Argiolas

The Art, the Vinyeard, the Wine

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Cantina del Vermentino di Monti

One of the most famous Gallura’s winery

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Cantina di Dorgali

Baronia region wine maker

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Cantine Capichera

Arzachena world wide renowned wine maker

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Among Europe largest wines producers

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Cantine di Surrau

Costa Smeralda traditional wine maker

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Cantina Sociale Del Giogantinu

Gallura’s traditional Vermentino winemaker

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Cantina Santa Maria La Palma

Alghero’s fine winery

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Cantina Pala

Prestigious Southern Sardinian wine producers

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Cantina Tondini

One of the best Gallura’s region white wines

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Cantina Il Nuraghe di Mogoro

Marmilla’s region wine producere since 1956

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Cantina Trexenta

Trexenta’s region winery

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Vini Piero Mancini

Famous Gallura’s region wine maker

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Tenute Soletta

Sassarese’s region winery

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Tenuta Masone Mannu

North East Sardinia typical finest wines

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Sardinian Winery

Cantina Sociala di Oliena

Producer of the famous interior red wine Nepente